The Magnificent Machines are contraptions invented by Victorian eccentric Lord Robert of Brockenhurst (he prefers to be called Bob)*. Think of him as a Victorian Heath Robinson or Rube Goldberg.
He spent his entire family fortune making modern machines and gadgets. They were all rather ingenious machines but very few of them actually worked. This was mainly due to his love of metal and rivets – it’s very hard to get an iron contraption to work with only the use of pneumatic power! He did manage to utilise the wonders of steam in some of his other inventions but that’s for another time…

Click on the machines below to see the Totally Glueless representation of two of his machines.


*This Lord Brockenhurst is a complete figment of Bag of Badgers’ imagination. Any similarity to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental although it would be lovely if it were true.