This Totally Glueless automaton is handmade. It’s printed, cut and assembled to order — the customer chooses the type of cat and adds the name to the back panel. It is then printed, cut and assembled using thin card and some metal. Unlike the Magnificent Machine kits, it is designed to be cut on a cutting machine rather than being mass produced in a factory. This means that it’s very slow to cut each one but the cuts can be much closer together. Also, as I’m the one assembling it, I can use tweezers to put it together. Metal is also used for some of the mechanism so as to keep it small and strong.

Although the The Cat and Mouse automaton can be enjoyed by everyone, it’s more of an interactive ornament rather than a toy. This is because there might be some sharp edges to the metal inside.

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Interested in how the Cat and Mouse automata is assembled? Here's a, heavily edited, video to show you.